Computer Activity LKG--80/-
Computer Activity UKG--80/-
Computer Activity Class 1--80/-
Computer Activity Class 2--80/-
Splash with Colours Class 3--110/-
Splash with Colours Class 4--110/-
Splash with Colours Class 5--110/-
PowerPoint & Logo--140/-
Word & QBasic--140/-
Excel & C--140/-
Flash & Photoshop--140/-
Internet & HTML--140/-
Programming in C++--140/-
Programming in Java--140/-

The cost includes the text book and the SRT (Student Resource Tool). The SRT will be made available to the school. The schools are authorized to provide the SRT to each student.

SRT as an attachment with the text book

The SRT when provided as a CD along with the text book will cost additionally Rs.20/-. Concession or discount will not be provided on this cost.

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